About Us

Our History

Galleria Ceramica was formed in January 2008 fueled by the vision and passion of its owners who are armed with more than 20 years of collective experience and an unwavering mission to make a difference in the tile industry. The company was established to provide sophisticated customers with ceramic tiles of the highest quality, value, and design, matched by the personalized service that only Galleria Ceramica can provide.

Galleria Ceramica is currently an authorized distributor of La Fabbrica, AVA, Fondovalle, Supergres, Unicom Starker, Rondine, Cerdisa, Lea, Mirage, Imola, Leonardo, 41Zero42, Sichenia and Bisazza – renowned manufacturers of distinctly superlative Italian tiles and ceramics with extensive product ranges and choices. Steeped in tradition and long in legacy, these companies have elevated the craft of tile and ceramic manufacturing to an art form. Galleria Ceramica is also a distributor of Saloni Ceramica, a Spanish brand highly regarded for innovative products of outstanding quality and design responsive to evolving market needs. We also scoured the numerous Foshan tile suppliers to carefully select and partner with and bring to Manila only a score of reliable and trusted products from Hongyu, New Zhong Yuan, Kito, Jiajun, Keyspace, JoeBello, Dongpeng, and JBN to afford our customers more options and value suited to their discriminating tastes and requirements.

"Galleria Ceramica remains committed to expand our line of product offerings to ensure that we are always ahead in providing the best choices in design, function and value to all our customers and continue in our mission in defining their lifestyle."

Our Vision

To be the preferred partner of distinguished and passionate architects, interior designers, and home-owners in their distinctive choice of tiles of uncompromising quality, innovative design and outstanding value matched only with our incomparable and unique brand of service.

Our Commitment

To offer the perfect tile-of-choice of the highest quality and of greatest value in design, form and function, to the project at hand. We are deeply committed and highly motivated to deliver these products with impeccable service to the utmost satisfaction of all our customers. Our mission is to bring into realization the creative process conceived by the architect and interior designer and to foster a lifestyle that is desired and aspired to by the home-owner.

Our Values

At Galleria Ceramica, our values and standards serve as our compass to guide our daily tasks and accomplishments. The values and habits we demonstrate and inculcate as we go about our work forms the basis of our on-going success. This endears us to our customers but more importantly, this cements our bond as a company and as employees filled with pride and desire to achieve greater things.


Our business is about creating and defining a lifestyle. Thus, all our endeavors must be aligned and measured in accordance to the achievement of this goal. We place utmost importance in our ability to serve and satisfy our discriminating partners and valued end-users for their requirements of tile products and relevant services. We take pleasure in providing repeated customer experience knowing we have made a unique and delightful impression on their previous one and we value each new customer to demonstrate our abilities to make a difference in their lifestyle.


We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism. We are responsible to our industry partners, homeowners, our employees and their respective families, and the society at large. In carrying out our tasks, we do not take shortcuts that will compromise our ethics and integrity. Our interactions with all segments of and various points in our customer-satisfaction-delivery-service must always reflect the high standards we profess.

Commitment & Empathy ("malasakit")

Our ability to serve and make a difference in the lives of our customers and employees will only become significant when we understand deeply their needs and sincerely commit to work tirelessly and sincerely to achieve that end. We strive to nurture and create an environment of trust, respect and teamwork to promote high performance and ensure that all our efforts are responsive to the needs of our customers, our employees, and to the task at hand.


We expect to be profitable from all our endeavors, but only as an outcome from work that satisfies our industry partners’ and customers’ needs and benefits and, in general, that of the people involved in the project. Our ability to meet our responsibilities depends on maintaining a financial position that promotes growth and stability for our company and our employees and their respective families.

These values and standards embody the way we do things here at Galleria Ceramica. We care about our employees, products, services, customers and all those with whom we are in contact with. While we care about the results we achieve, we care just as much about how we achieve them and how we have transformed and defined the lifestyle of our customers.